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Personalized School Fundraisers

After reviewing all the of same old candy bar sales, car washes, candles, and cookie dough, we at GiggleBrain saw a need for exciting, personalized, and creative fundraisers for all organizations. Backed by 20 years of business experience in the field of personalization, we set to work developing lines of what we feel are really clever fundraisers that make people smile and want to participate!

We Provide All the Pieces
All the samples, all the posters, all the literature and order forms -- all the items needed for you to run a professional fundraiser.

Have Your Products Back in 14 Days or Less
That's pretty good service for individually personalized items. If we have any questions, we'll call you right away. Communication is our specialty!

Money Back Guarantee
We replace or refund any product that is not satisfatory for any reason.

Work with an Experienced Team
We have over twenty years of experience providing personalized products as fundraisers for many types of organizations. We can tell you what works, and what's a flop!

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